Specjalistyczny Szpital GÓRKA

Górka Specialist Orthopaedic and Rehabilitative Hospital

ul. dr Szymona Starkiewicza 1
28-100 Busko-Zdrój

Deputy director of the facility Artur Durda

RECEPTION tel. 41 370 34 00

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The hospital was established as a children's treatment and rehabilitation centre. In 1919, MD Szymon Starkiewicz, a doctor from Zagłębie region, overwhelmed by the passion for helping the youngest, called on Polish society to pay contributions in favour of the children's sanatorium in Busko. Two years later, the first sanatorium treatment of children took place in the rented WIKTORIA Villa. A year later, the season at Górka began in six tents obtained from the American Red Cross. The construction of the main pavilion began in 1922, and the facility started operating already in 1926.

The complex is located picturesquely on a hill surrounded by a breathtaking park, fully developed for the needs of children and adolescents. In the vicinity of the facility, there are pitches, a playground and a recreational fitness park surrounded by greenery.

Over the years, the hospital was expanded and modernized. Currently, treatments and rehabilitation for children, adolescents and adults are carried out in the facility. In the Górka Hospital there, are six modernly furnished bed departments, operating theatre (with two rooms), one of the most up-to-date digital diagnostic imaging laboratory in the region, and specialist clinics. At patients' disposal, there is a modern treatment base, including a rehabilitation pool. A modern module with a cryo chamber has been added recently. The hospital staff have high qualifications and experience in dealing with disabled children and teenagers.

In recent years the GÓRKA Specialist Orthopaedic and Rehabilitative Hospital has become an important training centre in the field of shoulder and knee arthroscopy. Our doctors often carry out the treatments that are not undertaken by other facilities in the country.

Orthopaedic surgery treatments for children: treatment of limb length and axis disorders, reconstructive surgery of the knee and foot joints, particularly in the aftermath of birth defects and sports injuries, as well as treatment of adhesion disorders after fractures. After orthopaedic procedures, it is possible to undergo the rehabilitation process on site.

The adult orthopaedics department performs:

  • knee arthroplasty, mainly of “difficult knees”, using revision implants and more and more revision procedures after surgical arthroplasty treatment in other units in the voivodship,
  • arthroscopic knee surgery,
  • shoulder joint arthroscopic procedures,
  • hip athroscopic procedures,
  • other orthopedic procedures, including meniscus suturing, reconstruction of shoulder instability.

Górka Specialist Orthopaedic and Rehabilitative Hospital is constantly expanding its offer. An Ophthalmology Department, where cataract surgeries are performed in the one-day system, operates in the facility.

Nearby the hospital, there is a hippotherapy centre, which is important in the process of rehabilitation of children and adolescents.

Więcej informacji znajdą Państwo na stronie www.szpitalgorka.pl do której odwiedzenia zachęcamy.

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