Sulfide waters come directly from natural springs of the Busko-Zdrój Health Resort Company. Biologically active sulphur compounds found in these waters: hydrosulfidic and sulfidic ions, colloidal sulphur and other valuable microelements (calcium, magnesium, potassium, iodine, bromide) are absorbed into the body tissues through the skin. Deposited in the joint tissues, they regenerate the connective tissues. They take part in the synthesis of the chondroitin sulfuric acid, which is necessary for the correct functioning of articular cartilage. They improve microcirculation in tissues and increase absorption of inflammatory focuses.
Sulfide waters supplement the deficit of glutathione and sulfhydryl groups, which occurs in many inflammatory and degenerative illnesses, in some liver and kidney diseases, and in conditions of lowered immunity of the organism. By stimulating the adrenal cortex, they exert anti-inflammatory and analgesic actions.
Sulfide waters are effective in treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, osteoporosis, degenerative diseases of joints and spine, discopathy, spinal pains and neuralgia. They decrease the levels of cholesterol, sugar, and uric acid, helping the treatment of metabolic diseases (atherosclerosis, diabetes, gouty diathesis). Sulfide waters also treat skin diseases. Due to keratolytic properties (exfoliation) and reductive properties (changing the oxidation-reduction reaction of the skin), they are effective in psoriasis. Deep cleansing together with tissue regeneration, bactericidal, fungicidal and anti-parasitic and anti-allergic properties have good therapeutic effects in healing many dermatological diseases. Scientists conduct research into the detoxifying properties of sulfide waters. Sulphur compounds bond with heavy metals (lead, mercury) which can be eliminated from the body in the form of insoluble particles.
NOTICE! During the bath the patient should not make unnecessary movements, as this makes healing substances evaporate from the water more quickly. After the treatment, which is strongly stimulative, resting for about half an hour in the lying position is necessary. During treatment it is recommended to avoid drinking alcohol and exposing to the sun excessively.

Patients with existing contraindications against classical baths should use sulfide limb baths, which are less loading of the organism. The treatment consists in immersing the patient’s upper and lower limbs in special containers.

Mud wrappings combine peloidotherapy and thermotherapy (healing by warmth). During deep body superheating (temperature about 45ºC), the skin is penetrated by the most valuable mud components – humic acids, estrogenic bodies, tanning agents and other microelements. Active mud components have an anti-inflammatory effect (reduce concentration of pro-inflammatory agents, stimulate the adrenal cortex to produce more glucocorticoids). They also increase the number of citokinins that protect joint cartilages. It has proved that mud has a painkilling effect due to the increased threshold of pain sensation. By affecting the changes of carbohydrates, fats and nucleine acids, mud enhances the metabolism of tissues, which contributes to tissue regeneration. Improved microcirculation facilitates reduction of swellings in inflammatory conditions. The treatment is recommended in inflammatory and degenerative disorders of joints and backbone, in post-traumatic conditions of the motor organs, neurological diseases (discopathy, neuralgia) and gynecological diseases as well. Peloidotherapy is also applied in the form of bath in a mud suspension.
NOTICE! The treatment lasts about 20 minutes and is strongly stimulative. Resting in the lying position is recommended after the treatment. During treatment the patient should avoid drinking alcohol and exposing to the sun excessively.

Therapeutic brine contains chloride ions (anions) and sodium ions (cations) of a concentration over 1.5%. It also contains other valuable elements – mainly ions of iodine, potassium, bromide and magnesium. Their absorption is facilitated by so-called “saline coat”, formed during the bath by the salt crystals deposited in the skin which change the electrical charge of the skin. The bath has a painkilling effect through lowering the excitability of nerve endings. It also enhances the autonomous nervous system by stabilizing blood pressure, relaxing muscles and improving the blood supply to all tissues. A series of treatments reduces stress levels and enhances the immune system. Baths are recommended in rheumatic diseases, post-traumatic conditions of the motor organs, neurological disease (discopathy, neuralgia), and disorders of the peripheral circulation. They are also effective in chronic diseases of the respiratory system and in vegetative neurosis.
NOTICE! During the treatment brine should be rubbed onto the skin in the chest and joint areas. After the treatment, resting is required, preferably in the lying position.

Therapeutic bath in a mixture of water with the anhydride of carbonic acid (CO2) which settles on the skin in the form of gas bubbles. It is recommended in treatment of hypertension and other heart illnesses, disorders in venous circulation, and lower limbs ischemia. It is also effective in disorders of arterial circulation (e.g. Reynaud’s disease) and in polyneuropathies.
NOTICE! Bath treatment lasts for 10-15 minutes, bath temperature is 33-34ºC. During the bath the patient should not make unnecessary movements in order to avoid knocking gas bubbles off the skin. The head should be held above the surface of the water. After the treatment the skin should be delicately dried with a towel, then resting for about half an hour in the lying position is recommended.

Carbon dioxide (CO2), absorbed by the skin, dilates blood vessels and enhances the blood supply to all tissues. It is recommended in disorders of the circulatory system, as mentioned above.

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