Devices designed for physiotherapeutic treatments (magnetostimulation) conducted with the use of a magnetic field affecting the whole body or its specific parts. It improves the peripheral circulation, the regenerative processes of soft tissues, speeds up the cicatrisation of wounds and bone fractures, and is beneficial for degenerative diseases, osteoporosis and after cerebral strokes.

It is designed for therapy with a pulsating magnetic field of low frequency which steadily penetrates through all body parts. It relieves pain, prevents inflammatory conditions and has a relaxing effect on tense muscles. It heals bone fractures, damaged ligaments, injuries of tendons, bruises, dislocations, sprains, neuralgies, schwannomas, and phantom limb pains.

This treatment is recommended for: regulating the activity of the bladder, postnatal regeneration, pelvic floor muscle strengthening, rehabilitation after radical prostatectomy, chronic prostatitis, erection dysfunction. During treatment, the patient is sitting fully clothed on a comfortable chair. The number of therapy sessions is determined by the attending physician, individually for each patient. The duration of a single session is about 20 minutes (repeatability every other day). The improvement is usually noticeable after about 6 treatment sessions. Pulsed magnetic field emitted by Magneto Stym causes the contraction of pelvic floor muscles (the treatment does not require the use of electrodes). Magneto Stym therapy stimulates the weakened muscles, is beneficial to peripheral circulation, oxygenation of blood, and the intensification of ion exchange and biochemical reaction in the body. Functional magnetic stimulation (FMS) accelerates the regeneration of tissues, increases strength and sphincters endurance and the pelvic floor muscles as well.
In the case of contraindications to the use of the above therapy, please contact the doctor.

Therapy by means of a device that uses an impulse current of high frequency. It creates electromagnetic vibrations whose energy is transmitted to tissues under their action. The treatment decreases arthritic reaction, speeds up regeneration of damaged nerve fibers and contributes to increasing the peripheral circulation.

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